It is May 25th as I am writing this, and the entire world of concert production is on hold until further notice due to COVID-19. Without concrete plans to return to work soon or ever, I remain grateful for the work I was able to complete recently – the previous three years being a span of my career that I couldn’t have imagined. Well wishes to all of you reading this.

Take care of yourself and each other. 🖤

Author: roadieinternational

My name is Andy Alexander, and I’ve been touring with bands, working in studios, and producing events since 2002. I’m a playback engineer and I also tech instruments [synthesizers, guitars, and drums]. My professional touring experience includes Ableton programming and show control, instrument tech, video wall tech, lighting tech. I organize signals, and figuring out easier faster ways to do change-over. In addition to touring playback, I design/build/program custom playback systems for artists and musicians.